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Why St. Peter's School?

IB Continuum

St. Peter’s School follows the International Baccalaureate methodology. It offers a truly international curriculum from Early and Primary Years to the Diploma Programme. Our School is one of the few schools in Barcelona with the IB Continuum, validated by the IB Organisation, and the only one with English as the main language of teaching and learning.

International School

Our students and staff belong to several different countries and cultures. There is a mixture of up to 42 different nationalities among them. A big fraction of them belong to established families who remain with us during almost all their schooling.

School project

Our school project has been designed for students of the XXI Century. New times require a new paradigm in education, and this is why we have changed the content we teach, in favour of the current and future needs of society and its individuals. Our Open Innovation Committee (OIC) ensures that our Education Project is leading edge, foreseeing and anticipating the needs and interests of our students.

Preparing students for life

We do not prepare our students for an exam, but for life. Our project focuses on the learning process, not on a constant measuring of the student in order to obtain a specific degree.

Disruptive teaching community

Our teachers are up-to-date, motivated and trained with the latest methodologies and content. They have contact with real projects that are taking part in the world of business, science and technology, aware of ethical debates around the disruptive changes that are exponentially happening in our global society.


We offer plenty of opportunities for families to connect and become members of our community, from the moment they start our Admissions Journey to the day the students graduate.


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Foundation Stage

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Upper School

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Meet our students

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“In Science, we learn about the main challenges the world is facing and we look for possible solutions”

Arnau, Middle Years Student

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"Our subjects always include an innovative approach. This year, for example, we have researched and learned about blockchain technology and its possible applications in the present and the future”

Helena, Middle Years Student

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"St. Peter’s School is a truly international school where we get to know students from different cultures, languages and beliefs. We are very diverse and it helps us to be more open-minded and respect our friends”

Luca, Primary Years Student

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08034 Barcelona, Spain
T +34 93 204 36 12

St. Peter's School


We accept applications all year-round. During the enrolment process we try to give you all the information you need to make such an important decision. We want to be sure that our school is the best option for your children.

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